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It may be corny and somewhat outdated, but Love Actually will always be one of my favorite Christmas movies. In fact, I rewatch it every year! And because I’m both an astrologer and someone who can’t resist a good rom-com, I’m uniquely positioned to tell you the Love Actually character that matches each zodiac sign. Get comfortable, because as young Sam once said, there’s nothing worse than “the total agony of being in love”.

This romantic holiday film has a star-studded cast and a long list of characters with lives that intersect as naturally as ours do in real life. That’s why analyzing these characters and the way their relationships unfold will be an activity that’s well worth your time, especially if you’re using astrology as a framework.

The funny thing about this film is how cheesy it is, and yet, all of these cheesy ingredients come together to form a movie that’s irresistible. It’s not always easy to crack the formula for what makes a romantic comedy work, but if we study the way Love Actually continues to affect us, we just be able to.

Because the holidays are a season of love and warmth, let’s talk about the Love Actually character that captures each zodiac sign:

The Love Actually Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Colin Love Actually

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Colin is proof that if you’re confident in yourself, people will eventually believe it! His “fake it til’ you make it” idea of coming to America in hopes of finding his dream woman—or rather, dream women*—sounds ridiculous and over-the-top to everyone who hears it, and yet, it works! Aries is the bravest zodiac sign of them all and their innate ability to follow their gut instinct without hesitation takes them far. Plus, everyone knows that Aries is one of the most horny zodiac signs of all (hello, they’re literally ruled by Mars).

Jamie Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Jamie just radiates romance (hello, he’s literally played by Colin Firth). Instead of his storyline centering on  his anger toward his wife and brother for cheating behind his back, it’s all about his ability to find love again. Taurus is the most naturally romantic zodiac sign of all because it’s literally ruled by Venus, goddess of love. And in Love Actually, Jamie literally learns how to speak Portuguese (albeit badly) because he fell in love with his housekeeper, Aurelia. And little does he know, she was learning how to speak English all along, which is proof that this love story is as stable, graceful and patient as a Taurus is in person.

Natalie Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Only a Gemini will constantly put their foot in their mouth around the person they’re crushing on! Natalie is constantly saying the wrong thing at the wrong time around her Prime Minister boss, but her cheeky and self-deprecating attitude always makes him laugh. Truth be told, the Prime Minster is unhappy around everyone but her, reinforcing the beautiful things a Gemini always brings to the table. After all, Natalie makes light of all the crap she takes because she would rather laugh her way through it. Sounds pretty Gemini to me!

Daniel Love Actually

Daniel is given the daunting task of parenting his step-son after the loss of his wife. His concern for his son Sam’s happiness and well-being is evident from the start, showing how easily Daniel was able to slip into his mother’s shoes and take over as the rule of the nurturer. In astrology, Cancer is the quintessential “mother” of astrology, and in Daniel, we see a man who’s willing to do anything to soothe the wound that has been inflicted on their family. And like every Cancer, Daniel is also dreamy and imaginative, as evidenced by his innocent infatuation with model Claudia Schiffer.

Juliet Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

When you’re a Leo, the world naturally revolves around you. After all, you’re ruled by the sun, which explains the natural way this fixed fire sign has a way of glowing. In Love Actually, Juliet is the quintessential dream girl; the type of woman that all sorts of men dream about. That’s why it comes as no surprise that her husband’s best man would secretly fall in love with her (and she would barely notice it). Leo’s aren’t *always* aware of the affect they have on people; they’re just living their life and having a good time!

Rufus Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Rufus may be on screen for only two scenes, but he definitely steals both of them! His Virgo energy is clear from the start, as this passionate sales associate is blissfully unaware of the fact that he’s holding up a man from getting caught cheating on his wife! As he takes all the time and necessary care he needs to gift-wrap the necklace his client was actually purchasing for another woman, he just gets more immersed in the process. With each sprig of lavender and line of ribbon, this Virgo is totally focused on his work. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that Mercury—Virgo’s ruling planet—is also the trickster God, which explains why he tripped the cops who were chasing down Sam at the airport. This man is Mercury retrograde personified!

David Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Balanced, charming and effortlessly romantic, David—the freshly elected Prime Minster of the U.K.—could be nothing short of a Libra. This cardinal air sign certainly has an “air” for diplomacy, which explains why he was able to put the President of the United States in his place and inspire feelings of patriotism in his fellow countrymen. It also explains why he couldn’t help but fall in with Natalie, his funny and lovable assistant. In fact, he was willing to ring every doorbell in the dodgy end of Wandsworth just to confess his love to her in time for Christmas!

Mark Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Now, I’m not saying all Scorpios are stalkers, but I will say Mark is a Scorpio! On the real, I don’t subscribe to the unfair belief that Mark is a stalker, but a Scorpio who unfortunately fell in love with the wrong woman and hated the idea of being disloyal to his best friend. This secretive and passionate water sign has a way of just barely containing an ocean of emotion behind a cold facade, which explains why Julia had no clue Mark was secretly in love with her; in fact, she thought he hated her. Oh, and Mark’s way of confessing his love to Julia without ever uttering the words out loud is peak Scorpio behavior, as each moment a Scorpio feels vulnerable is a moment they feel their strength is being taken from them. When Mark walked away uttering “enough” under his breath, we all knew he was a Scorpio who is ready to move on!

Billy Mark Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

The coolest character in Love Actually would have to be Billy Mack, which is enough to make him a Sagittarius. But that’s not all—Billy Mack is blunt, hedonistic, darkly hilarious and larger-than-life, which are all key ingredients to a Sagittarius. This Jupiter-ruled zodiac sign is famous for its rock-star energy, as these mutable fire signs have a way of inspiring adulation in their hordes of screaming fans. They also don’t care what you think of them, as Sagittarius can’t help but take up space with their open-minded authenticity. If you don’t like it, you better start getting used to it!

Karen Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Much like every Capricorn, Karen is a rock for her family and friends; someone her husband and two children can always depend on. And while she may feel somewhat insecure about being a housewife while her brother is the Prime Minister, she is proof that Capricorns get sh*t done no matter what position they’re taking on. This woman is a superwoman when it comes to being a stay-at-home mom and Capricorns are also used to being the eternal provider without ever expecting anything in return. Throughout the film, Karen is always there for people. But does she ever receive a thank you? I don’t think so.

Sarah Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

In astrology, Aquarius is known as the “water-bearer”; someone who bears all of the emotions of other people on their back so they don’t have to feel it. In Love Actually, Sarah is someone who has spent her life putting her disabled brother’s happiness above her own. This is a trap Aquarius often end up falling into, as they’re capable of suppressing their emotions so they can be there for others. Let this be a reminder to every Aquarius who’s silencing their own needs over the holidays for the sake of peace—you deserve happiness too!

Sam Love Actually

Photo: Universal Pictures

Sam is not only a dreamer, but a musician and a romantic. He’s someone who’s willing to pull out all the stops for someone he loves, and like every Pisces, he might wear rose-colored glasses when crushing on someone. Pisces is such a hopeless romantic because Venus is literally exalted when it’s in Pisces. And in the midst of grieving the loss of his mother, young Sam develops a deep and undying crush for a young American girl in his class. What he does to win her over would put every fully grown man to shame, so start taking notes, gentleman! When he wondered what could be “worse than the total agony of being in love”, we all knew this boy was a Pisces.

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