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Merry Christmas! It’s nearly impossible not to fantasize about the most wonderful time of the year as everyone’s favorite holiday approaches. Although you’ll likely enjoy the festivities no matter what, your Christmas horoscope 2022 will shine a light on what each zodiac sign can look forward to this year.

The holiday magic will begin shortly after midnight on December 25, when Mercury in Capricorn opposes Pallas retrograde in Cancer. Mercury will be in the pre-shadow phase since it’s gearing up for its end-of-the-year retrograde, so we will need to be mindful of how miscommunication or mishaps may pop up during the opposition. Meanwhile, the strategic asteroid will currently be rethinking its strengths and strategies while drawing upon intuitive wisdom. As these two come together, we may find ourselves staying up late at night trying to troubleshoot any potential problems that may arise before Christmas Day begins. Last minute grocery store runs to pick up the missing ingredient for Christmas dinner or getting creative with wrapping gifts after running out of our supplies will likely be among the few mishaps. Luckily, the opposition suggests that we can use our prior knowledge to intuitively course-correct any issues. 

A few hours later, the moon will enter Aquarius, which will color Christmas day with aloof yet friendly vibes. It might seem like an odd lunation to have on such a nostalgic holiday, but the moon in Aquarius is honestly perfect for anyone who gets the holiday jitters. Luna can help us feel more detached from our nerves, which can help ease the stress of seeing family or making sure that the day goes perfectly. Given that the moon will form an auspicious sextile to Jupiter in Aries shortly after, there will be an underlying happy-go-lucky enthusiasm to help us go about our holiday plans. It can also be helpful for those who need to put themselves first, especially when spending time with family.

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While everyone will be unwrapping their presents on Christmas morning, Pallas retrograde in Cancer will form a trine with Neptune in Pisces. The watery trine will be emotional, sentimental and mystical—perfect for making core memories with loved ones. Everyone will be mystified that Santa Claus got them exactly what they wanted this year, since the intuitive transit will be perfect for hitting the nail on the head with giving the perfect gift. We can even expect some waterworks since the touching trine will make us more nostalgic than usual, so don’t be surprised if you’ll reminisce over your favorite Christmas memories with your loved ones.

Everyone will be mystified that Santa Claus got them exactly what they wanted this year.

Not much else will occur throughout the day, so this can be taken as a Christmas miracle since there won’t be any transits that could influence the holly jolly atmosphere to go either way. By the early evening, the moon in Aquarius will trine Mars retrograde in Gemini, which will allude to a social and mental alliance between these two celestial bodies. Dinnertime conversations will be quick, witty and spontaneous without being emotionally reactive. However, Mars retrograde can still bring out unwarranted verbal attacks, so don’t read into any comments that may come across as obtuse or uncaring. Aside from dinnertime conversations, you may notice that everyone will become particularly action-focused during this trine. People may begin cleaning up, someone may try to kickstart a game that everyone can play, or it could even be time to open more presents. Since this trine is somewhat disorganized, there might be a few events going on at once since everyone will be antsy to do something!

Christmas Horoscope 2022

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Later in the evening, the moon will form a sextile to Chiron in Aries and then square the lunar nodes. Thankfully, these more challenging aspects will occur when the festivities are either over or coming to a close. Rolling with the punches will be the protocol during the sextile since the moon and Chiron might bring out a more melancholic vibe. Although the sextile could be potentially emotionally reactive, it could also be healing. You may feel more self-assured with how you handled family or dealt with issues throughout the day. It might even be your cosmic cue that some past holiday pains have healed over time as well! Finally, the lunar square with the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus might feel like a catch-22 with giving and receiving gifts. Reflecting on the value of what was exchanged might come up as an afterthought, especially if you received something that doesn’t quite fit you. But, as the old saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts”. Let go of any internal struggles about the worth of the gift exchange by focusing on the high points of your Christmas.

Will you have the best Christmas ever? Keep reading to see what’s in store for your your sun and/or rising sign on this holiday of cheer!

Your Christmas Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign

StyleCaster | Aries 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Are you excited to spend time with your loved ones, Aries? You might be ready to reconnect with your family throughout Christmas day since Mercury in Capricorn will oppose Pallas retrograde in Cancer. Given that the sun and Venus will also be in Capricorn, you might feel like you are in the spotlight. Receiving recognition from your loved ones is something anyone would strive for, especially while gathering for the holidays. Whether you’re getting praise for giving someone a heartwarming gift or shining for a recent accomplishment, don’t be surprised if your loved ones will be remarkably proud of you.

As the day goes on, you won’t have much to anticipate other than creating memories, enjoying your time with family and having fun. Several texts or calls from friends will come your way as your soul family will want to wish you a “Merry Christmas” by the early evening since the moon in Aquarius will trine Mars retrograde in Gemini. At the end of the night, the moon will sextile Chiron in your sign, so you may feel notably light-hearted since this could be an incredibly healing Christmas. 

StyleCaster | Taurus 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Are you traveling for the holidays, Taurus? Prepare to jet-set since the sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Capricorn, which will positively amplify Christmas trips. Whether you are treating yourself to a vacation or going home for the holidays, the abundance of Capricorn energy will help you pull all the strings together. But Mercury is in its pre-shadow phase for the pending retrograde, so triple-check your travel plans to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes.

Lucky for you, Jupiter in Aries will be expanding upon your positive train of thoughts while the moon in Aquarius shines a bright light on your uniqueness. Expect to feel notably upbeat throughout Christmas since Jupiter’s enthusiasm will keep you going. You might even be celebrated for your authenticity since your loved ones cannot help but be proud of how much you have grown as a person. Altogether, this Christmas might be incredibly healing since you might feel more comfortable with who you are which will be positively received by your family! 

StyleCaster | Gemini 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Prepare for an intimate Christmas, Gemini! You may feel like this holiday is truly one of a kind since the sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn bring out the beauty of your profound relationships. Private conversations may take place throughout the day that will give you heartfelt insight into the family members and loved ones that you are closest to. However, Mercury is in its pre-shadow phase for the upcoming retrograde, so don’t be afraid to use this time to settle the dust to deepen your relationships. 

Throughout the day, the subtle influence of the moon in Aquarius will help facilitate conversation about what you want to accomplish or your past travels from this year. The lunation can even add to the complexity of your intimate conversations as well! By the early evening, you might feel exceptionally talkative since the moon will trine Mars retrograde in your sign. Keep the conversation light by reading the room, and you will surely have a splendid evening!

StyleCaster | Cancer 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

This might be the perfect time to introduce your boo to the family, Cancer! Don’t be surprised if relationships are the focal point throughout Christmas day given that the sun, Mercury and Venus will be in Capricorn. But Mercury is in its pre-shadow phase, so you might be somewhat sensitive to comments about your love life. You can nonchalantly set the record straight if anything slightly stressful comes up in conversation. Aside from this, you may feel more inclined to share what you have accomplished or achieved professionally since Jupiter in Aries will have you boasting about your success! 

Receiving or giving the perfect gift will come up since the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio will touch upon your aspirations, hopes and pleasures. You may find something nostalgic under the Christmas tree that aligns with a cherished past-time, hobby or talent. Someone close to you may surprise you with a thoughtful, touching gift that you should show off on social media!

StyleCaster | Leo 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Christmas is destined to be a family-focused day, Leo. Getting together with your loved ones to celebrate the usual familial traditions is in order since the sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Capricorn. But there is potential for slight miscommunication since Mercury is in its pre-shadow phase for its upcoming retrograde. It wouldn’t hurt to triple-check plans or to remind certain forgetful family members about what they need to bring to the get-together. Even if something goes slightly awry, just laugh it off and focus on how much fun your traditions are with your loved ones!

Toward the end of Christmas day, there might be some slight bumps in the road when the moon in Aquarius squares both the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus. Someone might bring up an old memory of you that you would rather forget since who you used to be might not match the immense growth you went through in 2022. Instead of focusing on the negatives of bringing up the past, lean into the detached lunar energy to let the comments roll off your shoulders. You know who you are!

StyleCaster | Virgo 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Holiday cuteness awaits, Virgo! You’ll be feeling the spirit of Christmas with the sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn bringing out your inner child. Waking up on Christmas morning to give gifts to your loved ones and to watch the old holiday specials will be something to look forward to with the abundance of Capricorn energy on your side. Even though Mercury will be in the pre-shadow phase for the impending retrograde, you may find that any slight hiccups are more comical than stressful. Don’t be surprised if everyone – including you – will be remarkably generous during Christmas due to the positive influence of Jupiter in Aries!

The rest of your day will likely be uneventful, if unique, since your Christmas schedule might be a little quirky. By the time the early evening rolls around, try not to engage in any unnecessary discourse at the dinner table when the moon in Aquarius squares the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus. Keep your commentary light and merry to make the most of your Christmas!

StyleCaster | Libra 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

The ghosts of Christmas past may come to haunt you, Libra. Memories from the prior years will come to mind as you reminisce with your loved ones since the sun, Mercury and Venus will be in Capricorn. There might be slight disagreements about past events given that Mercury is in its pre-shadow phase. Try not to get stuck on the details when you and your loved ones share favorite memories. Connecting with your family, friends, and more will come easily since Jupiter will be in Aries. You might be quite popular near and far, on and offline on Christmas day!

As you enjoy the festivities, the moon will be in the airy Aquarius throughout the day. Calm, cool and collected, you may enjoy the detached yet friendly vibe while socializing. Try not to overthink what you will get or give on Christmas since the moon will eventually square the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus. Practice gratitude for what you receive and remain confident that your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

StyleCaster | Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Your Christmas day is going to be unique, Scorpio! Traveling to see local friends and family will play a significant part in your holiday schedule given the influence of the sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. Just be careful traveling to and from since Mercury is in its pre-shadow phase for the pending retrograde. If a hiccup throws your schedule off, try to get through it with a cheerful smile. Luckily, Jupiter in Aries can help you make the most of your Christmas routines and commitments.

Given that the moon will be in Aquarius, you may find that your holiday celebrations look a little different this year. Although it might be somewhat out of your comfort zone, the lunar energy could be freeing since it could help you create new Christmas traditions with your loved ones. You may even have new friends, family members or even a romantic partner to celebrate with since the North Node in Taurus will bring your relationships together as the focal point during the festivities.

StyleCaster | Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

What did Santa Claus leave you under the Christmas tree, Sagittarius? It looks like you’re on Santa’s nice list this year thanks to the sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. The beautiful, expensive Capricorn energy will likely result in immense generosity, especially since Jupiter will also be in Aries. Between these transits, you may receive gifts that resonate with your hobbies, pleasures and other joys. You will also be just as generous since finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is one of your most-anticipated Christmas adventures! 

Although the majority of your holiday will go exceedingly well, you might run into a few hiccups in the early evening when the moon in Aquarius trines Mars retrograde in Gemini. The trine infers the potential for disagreements to arise. But the trine is harmonious, so you can always ease in and out of the conversation if you feel like your input won’t be received by others. Focus on the positives from your Christmas day to end on a high note!

StyleCaster | Capricorn 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

You might accidentally steal the show on Christmas, Capricorn! With the sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign, you will be undeniably attractive. Your friends, loved ones and more will be in awe of how wonderful you are during the holidays. So, don’t be surprised if you are uber-popular since you might have quite a few events to attend with the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio boosting your social life. Since you’ll have a jam-packed schedule, you may need to go over all the details of your upcoming Christmas events since Mars retrograde in Gemini might throw your routine a little off.

Aside from this, you might be a little emotional when you receive your presents since the moon in Aquarius will bring out your sensitive side. Each gift will be so unique and thoughtful, you may not help but cry over how generous your loved one will be. The genuine care that will go into the presents you receive from everyone will blow you away!

StyleCaster | Aquarius 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Aquarius, make sure you are out and about for Christmas. It might be tempting to be a little more introverted than usual with the subconscious influence of the sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. You might not be feeling the holiday parties or getting together with family, which is valid! To each their own on Christmas. But you don’t want to take this desire for peace as a sign to isolate. Make sure you follow through with Christmas plans, especially with Jupiter in Aries drawing you out of your shell. Enjoy your pockets of peace during the holidays, but don’t forget to be social as well.

Since the moon will be in your sign, you may feel more sensitive to the flow of your Christmas day. You can take this as either a pro or con – it’s up to you! Make the most of the lunar energy by being a bit vulnerable with your loved ones. Share your favorite Christmas memories, sing along to the holiday hits and enjoy the time that you have with your loved ones. 

StyleCaster | Pisces 2023 Horoscope

Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

It wouldn’t be Christmas if your soul family wasn’t part of your celebrations, Pisces. Your social calendar is full of festive events to attend since the sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn will bring your soul family together for Christmas. Having your greater community might be just what you need since Mars retrograde in Gemini could cause a little disruption in your home life. Luckily, you will be able to smooth over any potential issues that may arise with your family since the moon in Aquarius will trine Mars retrograde.  

Don’t be surprised if you spend every last penny to find the perfect present for your loved ones since your generosity will know no bounds while Jupiter is in Aries. Your loved ones are in for a special treat since you will take immense pride in finding the right gift for everyone on your

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