The two suspects remain at large.

alt = passenger side of a silver 2014 BMW X6 with Connecticut registration, AH38573, in a parking lot
Wallingford, Connecticut, police are looking to locate two suspects in an attempted purse snatching. They were reportedly driving this silver 2014 BMW X6 with Connecticut registration, AH38573, which was stolen out of North Haven. Wallingford Connecticut Police Department

Police in Wallingford, Connecticut, are looking to identify suspects involved in an alleged failed robbery attempt in a supermarket parking lot Saturday afternoon.

Officers responded to Stop & Shop at 930 North Colony Road around 1 p.m. for a report of an attempted purse snatching, the department said in a release.

The victim told police that she was moving her groceries into her car when a silver four-door BMW pulled up about one car length away from her.

She said there was a man in the driver’s seat, who she was unable to provide a description for, and a man in the passenger seat, who she described as Black, in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall and skinny, and dressed in gray shorts, a black jacket, and a blue durag.

The passenger allegedly stepped out of the car, grabbed the victim’s purse from her shopping cart, and ran back to the BMW.

As he was getting back into the car, the victim caught up with him, reached inside the vehicle, and tried to grab her purse back from the suspect, according to police.

As the two struggled over the purse, the driver allegedly hit the gas, dragging the victim along as she held onto her bag.

The driver reportedly stopped the car after moving it a short distance, and the passenger pushed the victim away from the car.

The victim was able to grab hold of her purse and run away, hiding between other cars as she watched the BMW circle the lot before eventually leaving in the direction of North Main Street, authorities said.

The victim sustained minor injuries from the incident.

Police later identified the vehicle as a silver 2014 BMW X6 with Connecticut registration, AH38573. The car had been stolen out of North Haven about an hour ahead of this incident, they said.

The suspects remain at large. Anyone with information is asked to call Wallingford police at 203-294-2800 or visit www.police.wallingfordct.gov.


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