Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ginny & Georgia season two. Fans of the hit Netflix show Ginny & Georgia have been waiting almost two years to find out who Ginny ends up with out of Marcus and Hunter after that cliffhanger that closed out season one. Rejoice, you don’t have to wait any longer because season two of the comedy/drama—which, by the way, is far darker than you remember—dropped on Netflix on January 5, 2023.

When we left Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry) at the conclusion of season one, her secret relationship with her best friend Max’s twin brother Marcus had been unearthed just as Hunter, her ex-boyfriend, walks into the room declaring his love for her. Awkward. The MAN in MANG—Maxine, Abby and Nora—blacklist Ginny from their friendship group and feeling distraught that she’s lost the only friends she’s ever really had, Ginny steals Marcus’ motorbike and with her half-brother Austin, they flee Wellsbury for their father’s condo in Boston.

Who does Ginny end up with in Ginny & Georgia?

Who does Ginny end up with in Ginny & Georgia? Well, no one really. Let us explain. After Hunter learns of Ginny’s secret relationship with Marcus, he breaks it off. Season two picks up pretty much straight away from where we left off in season one. About a third of the way through episode one, titled “Welcome Back, Bitches”, Ginny finally returns Marcus’ motorbike after staying with her dad in Boston. Marcus, we learn, has been texting her but she hasn’t been responding.

“Do you forgive me?” Ginny asks him and he says it’s “all good”, but you can tell he’s still a little hurt by her disappearing on him—never mind the whole grand theft auto thing. But we soon learn that Ginny and Marcus see a lot of the other in themselves, even though they don’t conclude season two as a couple.

We see Ginny’s self-harm evolve and afterward, she lies in bed looking at her phone before Marcus climbs in through her window, much like he did in season one. They’re both a little emotionally broken, greeting each other with a simple “hi” before locking lips. “I had to leave, I just couldn’t be around her,” Ginny continues, referencing the dark secrets she’s just uncovered about her mom Georgia—chiefly that she’s a murderer who took the life of her last husband—and she’s having trouble coping.

Ginny and Georgia

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Marcus asks Ginny what happened, but all she can say is that “it’s so bad” she doesn’t know what to do and falls into his arms. “My whole family’s broken, I’m broken,” Ginny says. “I’m broken too,” Marcus shrugs. “I don’t know a lot, but you make sense to me,” he continues, “I’m not letting go of that.” Ginny asks Marcus to stay the night, but they don’t have sex. Instead, they just hold each other as they drift off to sleep, signifying that their connection is far from just physical.

Indeed, Gentry acknowledges how significant Marcus and Ginny’s relationship is to each of them on a spiritual level. “I think they’re always going to be in each other’s lives, and I love their relationship this season,” Gentry told Hollywood Life. “I love the way the two of them evolve, and I hope the fans do too.”

As the season progresses, Ginny and Marcus continue seeing each other in secrecy by climbing through each other’s windows and spending the night together. “What’s going on with you?” he asks one evening after he somewhat ignores her at school. “Nothing, I’m fine,” she replies. “Don’t look at me like that… All accusatory like you don’t believe I’m fine.” He responds: “I don’t believe you’re fine but I’m not going to push you if you don’t want to talk.” Ginny reveals that she came over so that she wouldn’t hurt herself, for which he is grateful. They end up sharing each other’s deepest secrets, including what Ginny recently discovered about her mom’s sinister, murderous past.

Their behavior of sneaking into each other’s rooms at night is finally discovered by Georgia in episode four when she spots him one evening climbing down out of his window and in through Ginny’s. Georgia confronts Marcus while her daughter is out of the room and interrogates him on the details of their relationship. When Marcus says they’re not really dating but that he “loves” her, Georgia asks him to take a seat.

She can see Marcus is “damaged” but Georgia admits she’s damaged, too, and delivers a truly gut-wrenching speech: “Ginny is special, she’s going to go off and do wonderful things. And I realized something recently, she doesn’t know it yet but one day, she’s going to figure out that our damage is holding her back and she’s going to leave us. I’m not being cruel. Well, maybe I’m being cruel but I’m being honest. You’re her high school love and that is fine, that’s sweet, that’s swell. But when the time comes, if you really love her, don’t hold her back. Promise me,” which he does. Georgia adds: “And if you get her pregnant, I’ll kill you.” His eyes widen at that moment because he knows Georgia is an actual murderer.

Ginny and Georgia

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This is the moment where Ginny and Marcus’ relationship shifts. Ginny notices something is up with him on a personal level but he maintains nothing is wrong. In the opening of episode eight, we learn through Marcus’ narration that he struggles with depression, though Ginny won’t find out until much later. “On the outside, you look the same, smiling and pretending is so much work, but on the inside, it’s a different story. You start to hate yourself. You’re so alone, so unbelievably alone and you can be with someone you love but you’re not really with them,” his voiceover explains.

Throughout episode eight, we see Marcus’ state of mind deteriorate even though they “seem happy” as Ginny’s ex-boyfriend Hunter observes. That night, Marcus tells his sister Max that he doesn’t think love is always a “good thing” and he “doesn’t want to be with anyone” even though Ginny is the “only thing that makes him happy”. But that’s the problem, he says to Max, “not one person should be responsible for your whole happiness. That’s not fair.”

In the closing scene of episode eight, Ginny confronts Marcus, suspecting he wants to break up with her. “I love you, but I don’t want to hold you back,” he says. “I don’t want this, I want you,” Ginny says as she starts to cry. “I’m your Ginny and you’re my Marcus.” After a tearful exchange and pressing him for the real reason he wants to break up with her, Marcus reveals he doesn’t “have room for anyone else’s pain right now”. In a later voiceover, Marcus says, “I don’t have it in me to be loved right now,” and the two make the devastating decision to break up.

Ginny can’t make sense of it but later learns from Max that her twin has depression. It finally makes sense to Ginny that he’s not in the right headspace to have a girlfriend and she decides to be there for him purely as a friend. Will they get back together in season three? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Ginny & Georgia season two is available to stream on Netflix. 

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