A brand new season is upon us and, naturally, most retailers want to lift their performance up a notch – probably a very big notch – compared to last year.

How big a jump that’s going to be depends on the overall goals and objectives of the business.

Whatever the number is, reviewing the fundamentals of your retail operation is in order.

At DMSRetail, when it comes to performance, we place the highest degree of importance on people.   It’s worth repeating: When all things are equal, people make the big difference.
We have seen stores out performing other stores that are located in much larger market areas with higher average income levels within the same retail chain.

Therefore our first recommendation is to take a close look at the people oriented aspects of your operation.

Here are some of them:  Click to continue reading…

Requesting your feedback:

We’re curious to know if you believe that brick and mortar retail business will get back to the way we all knew it. In focus group discussions we found that consumers are skeptical.

Many say that retail staff – not necessarily through any fault of their own – became complacent and confused.

During the pandemic, even when you could go into stores very little active selling was going on for fear of being too close or any one of a dozen other reasons. Times were tough, for sure.

We wonder about about what is ahead and if retail will ever return to normal…or to the way it was pre-pandemic and we’d love to hear what you think about that.

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