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Please take a moment and watch this YouTube video; Groovy Hemp Company on Boro Hemp Muscle Gel, 1000mg CBDThis holistic Full-spectrum CBD* Topical is formulated to soothe sore muscles on an as-needed basis. Muscle Gel may give you maximum relief on the affected areas. CBD Muscle Gel includes 1000mg of Full-spectrum* CBD. It comes in 2 sizes; 2oz Tub and 3oz Roll-on. 

In this short but educational YouTube learn why this Topical helps your joints and muscles recover quickly. At Groovy Hemp Company we provide an excellent selection of Organic CBD Topicals. This includes Full-spectrum* THC-Free, and CBD Wellness Topicals.

You always want to give your body the care it needs and deserves. When you walk into a supermarket or a big box you know there is not going to be much concern for you even finding the product you need.

When you order your CBD online from Groovy we make it easy for you to find, identify, and order what you need. Plus we make sure the product gets delivered right to your door. Why would you shop anywhere else?

Groovy Hemp Company features all quality brand-name companies that care about providing quality products with exceptional purity and quality control. Currently, we sell CBD Oil Topicals from the following brands; Made By Hemp, CBD Living, Myriam’s Hemp, Boro Hemp, Highland Pharms, and Mary’s Nutritionals.