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Please take a moment and watch this YouTube video; Groovy Hemp Company on Boro Hemp Joint & Muscle Balm 75mg – 1500mg CBDThis holistic CBD* Topical could ease joint and muscle soreness from a tough, intense workout or any type of sports participation.

Joint & Muscle Balm comes in strengths ranging from 75mg – 1500mg Full-spectrum CBD in easy-to-use, easy-to-store 5ml, 50ml, and 100ml tubs. 

In this concise but illuminating YouTube learn why this Topical helps your joints and muscles recover quickly. At Groovy Hemp Company we provide an excellent selection of Organic CBD Topicals. This includes Full-spectrum* THC-Free, and CBD Wellness Topicals.

We both know just walking into a convenience store or gas station and grabbing something off the counter is a waste of time and money. When you order your CBD online from Groovy you’re buying the right product. That is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Plus you know the product gets delivered right to your door. With Groovy Hemp Company, you know it is the right stuff. Why would you shop anywhere else?

Groovy Hemp Company features all quality brand-name companies that care about providing quality products with exceptional purity and quality control. Currently, we sell CBD Oil Topicals from the following brands; Made By Hemp, CBD Living, Myriam’s Hemp, Boro Hemp, Highland Pharms, and Mary’s Nutritionals.