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Please take a moment and watch this YouTube video; Groovy Hemp Company on Boro Hemp CBD Beard Oil 250mg CBDThis holistic CBD* Personal Care Product helps soften up and manage your beard and using it is quick and simple. CBD Beard Oil includes 250mg Full-spectrum CBD in a convenient, easy-to-store 60ml bottle. 

In this short but instructive YouTube learn why this Beard Oil helps your beard look amazing. At Groovy Hemp Company we provide an excellent selection of Organic CBD Personal Care Products. This includes Full-spectrum* THC-Free, and CBD Wellness Personal Care Products.

This is your beard and you know what you want it to look like. You see some stuff on a shelf in a big box. You look at the price and you wonder if you’re paying for the slick-looking packaging, and the advertising, or the actual product.  Is that really what you want? I didn’t think so either.

When you order your CBD online from Groovy you’re buying the product, not the product, and a lot of fancy graphics and a very high-end ad budget. Plus the product gets delivered right to your door and we let you know we care. Why would you shop anywhere else?

Groovy Hemp Company features all quality brand-name companies that care about providing quality products with exceptional purity and quality control. Currently, we sell CBD Oil Personal Care Products from the following brands; Made By Hemp, Boro Hemp, Highland Pharms, Endoca, and Dusty Prairie.