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Please take a moment and watch this YouTube video; Groovy Hemp Company on Made By Hemp CBD Muscle Relief SalveThis holistic Broad-spectrum CBD* Topical (THC-Free) could reduce muscle soreness from a difficult, very active workout or participation in one of your favorite sports. CBD Muscle Relief Salve is available in 150 mg or 500mg Broad-spectrum* CBD.  

In this short but informative YouTube learn why this Topical helps ease muscle soreness. At Groovy Hemp Company we provide a terrific selection of Organic CBD Topicals. This includes Full-spectrum* THC-Free, and CBD Wellness Topicals.

Why waste time traveling to a store that more or less sells CBD, some of the time. Within minutes you realize they have no business being in the hemp-based product business. Instead, I have your solution. 

When you order your CBD online from Groovy, we care that you get the Topical that does the job. And that high-quality product gets delivered right to your door. Why would you shop anywhere else? 

Groovy Hemp Company features all quality brand-name companies that care about providing quality products with exceptional purity and quality control. Currently, we sell CBD Oil Topicals from the following brands; Made By Hemp, CBD Living, Myriam’s Hemp, Boro Hemp, Highland Pharms, and Mary’s Nutritionals.