Watch all the best ads and teasers before, during, or after the big game — including spots for Michelob Ultra, Doritos, and more.

Rob Gronkowski in a 2023 Super Bowl commercial for FanDuel.
Rob Gronkowski in a 2023 Super Bowl commercial for FanDuel. FanDuel

Ahead of Super Bowl 57, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12, advertisers have already begun releasing a mix of 2023 Super Bowl commercials and teasers for their big game advertisements.

Even amid a time of economic uncertainty, companies will once again pay top dollar to advertise during the Super Bowl. FOX, which will air Super Bowl 57, said back in September that it had already sold 95 percent of its ad inventory for the game, with several 30-second ad spots going for more than $7 million, setting another record.

Among the brands paying big bucks for 2023 Super Bowl commercials are Michelob Ultra, Doritos, Experian, and FanDuel, which will have former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski kick a field goal during a live commercial.

Here are all of the 2023 Super Bowl commercials and teasers released so far. Keep an eye out for updates to this article, as there will surely be plenty more commercials released in the coming days and weeks, as well as some surprise commercials debuting during the big game.


In a very brief 2023 Super Bowl commercial teaser, Budweiser uses Kevin Bacon to introduce the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, a concept that has been reimagined in Hollywood as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.


For its 2023 Super Bowl commercial, Doritos has tapped rapper Jack Harlow, who responds to a paparazzi inquiry about a rumored “love triangle.”


Downy is keeping the identity of its celebrity pitchman hidden, with an unidentified actor in the laundry company’s 2023 Super Bowl commercial teaser hiding his identity with a hoodie. (It sure sounds like “Righteous Gemstones” star Danny McBride to us, though.)


West Newbury native John Cena is back as Experian’s pitchman in their 2023 Super Bowl commercial, cheerily informing a little girl about how to boost your FICO score.


FanDuel has teamed up with Rob Gronkowski for its 2023 Super Bowl commercials, with the former Patriots tight end set to attempt a field goal on live TV during the big game. If Gronk makes his kick, fans who wagered at least $5 on the Super Bowl will win a share of $10 million in free bets. (But mobile sports betting won’t roll out in Massachusetts until March.)

In a series of teasers released before the Super Bowl, Gronkowski begins to practice for the “Kick of Destiny,” and is put through the paces in an ’80s movie training montage by former Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri.


In an ad for the company’s nonalcoholic beer Heineken 0.0, “Ant-Man” star Paul Rudd chats with his six-legged pal about the beverage’s benefits. (Given that “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” hits theaters five days after the Super Bowl, you can bet on seeing an ad for the upcoming Marvel film during the big game as well.)

Michelob Ultra

FanDuel isn’t the only company evoking ’80s movies in its ads. Michelob Ultra has themed its 2023 Super Bowl commercial teasers as an homage to classic 1980 sports comedy “Caddyshack.” In one, Brian Cox and Serena Williams tee off. In another, boxer Canelo Alvarez drives by on the beverage cart with Kenny Loggins’ theme song in the background. Then there’s NFL on CBS analyst and former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, doing his best impression of Bill Murray’s oddball groundskeeper Carl Spackler.


“Better Call Saul” may have wrapped up in 2022, but the “Breaking Bad” universe is back in the spotlight in the 2023 Super Bowl commercial teaser for PopCorners. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are back together as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, sitting in the distinctive RV they used to cook up something much more illegal and addictive than any popcorn-based snack.


Pop star (and Nantucket native) Meghan Trainor stars in the 2023 big game teaser for Pringles, seemingly getting her hand stuck in a can of Cheddar Cheese Pringles. Unless she’s faking it, in which case — “Made You Look!”


In its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, software company Workaday has Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne joining the rat race as an office worker.


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