The train made contact with a waste basket adjacent to the third rail, impacting its power system, the MBTA said.

Some Orange Line riders spent more time on the T than they bargained for Thursday night when a train became disabled at Back Bay station after making contact with a waste basket that was adjacent to the third rail.

“I am stuck in an orange line car that is very slightly misaligned with the Back Bay station,” passenger Josh Levinger tweeted just after 10 p.m. “It just rebooted, and someone said ‘that’s not a good sign.’”

Levinger documented his experience on the stuck train, including the MBTA’s efforts to open the doors and free the riders. 

“Operator just came by and said ‘we’re having a little train problem, guys,’” Levinger wrote in one update. “He’s doing his job, and to be clear I’m not actually worried about my safety. But, I would like to go home.” 

In a later reply, he said he was stuck for a total of 25 minutes. 

MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo told Boston.com that the train’s power system was impacted after the train made contact with a waste basket adjacent to the third rail.

“It’s unclear at this time where the waste basket came from or how it ended up on the Orange Line right of way,” Pesaturo said. 

According to the MBTA’s Twitter feed, the Orange Line faced delays of up to 30 minutes due to the mechanical issue. 

Earlier in the evening, Orange Line trains were delayed about 10 minutes due to police activity at Downtown Crossing, according to the MBTA. Video shared on Twitter showed a man standing on the tracks. 


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