Best Publishing House in India- Do you have a craze of writing a book or Do you believe that you have what is required to write a book or to become publishers, then you should have a figure a plan of action for it.

For that you need to start up by finding a Indian publisher and publishing house in India. A great publishing house is very much important as with that only your book can stand out among the millions of books that are already out.

If you are not choosing a great publisher and then you can’t become a best seller even with great idea, amazing content. As execution play a major role in making your brand or book in best sellers list.

When you are establishing yourself as a first-time writer, it can be very much daunting for you to pick from well-established publishing houses to self-publishing companies or boutique publishers. But let me tell you that there are almost 9037 publishers and Association of Publishers in India till today. So, if you are confused that how you will be able to pick the right publishing house for yourself then the answer is here.

Here we are sharing a list of best 25 top Indian book publishers .

25 top Indian book publishers 

Top publishing house

1. Jaico Publishing House

Jaico Publishing House in India was established in 1946 and was founded by Jaman Shah. Jaico was a India’s first publisher of paperback books which was printed in English language. It was initially started as a book distribution company. The company was established seeing the demand for affordable books and was initiated as Jaico’s publishing program. The Publishing house has its headquartered in Mumbai. It is also known for its self-help, philosophy, religion, body, mind, spirit and business titles books. The Indian publisher also publishes book related to travel, biography, current affairs, and popular science books. Jaico also has its translation division that translates English languages book into nine different Indian languages.  Some of its famous authors are  Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Khushwant Singh, John Maxwell and Brian Tracy. Jaico publishing house publish almost around 125 new titles book every year. One of Jaico’s well known titles is ‘The Monk who Sold His Ferrari’ that is written by Robin Sharma. The primarily focus of Jaico is on non-fiction, fiction and business titles book but the company also has its own an educational department that only accepts some selected manuscripts that are on management and engineering course. If you want to approach Jaico then you can send your book proposals to Preeti Sao, who is the Editorial Coordinator of this company. You can easily reach her on this page.

2. Arihant Books

Arihant Books was established in 1997 and it’s headquartered is in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

It is a popular and well establish Indian publisher for educational and scholarly materials. You might have read Arihant book in your school life. The company have published more than 3000 titles till today on medical studies, engineering, different school curriculum, polytechnic and ITI. Arihant Books also publishes some selected books that are for general and government entrance exam. The titles of Arihant Books are well researched and well matching with the latest of syllabus of the concerned curriculum. The company currently has 23 sales and support offices across India. You can easily find them on every leading online platform. The publishing house in India work on open submission policy and you can easily send your educational manuscript with a short book proposal to them. Check out this page for more information about the submission process on Arihant books.

3. Penguin Random House India

Penguin Random House India was established in 1985 and earlier known as Penguin India which is a subsidiary of the global publishing house, Penguin Random House and the head office is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is the largest English language trade publisher in the continent. This publishing house in India majorly publishes book on modern fiction, classic fiction, biographies, travel, sports, business and illustrated children’s books. Penguin Random House books are available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Urdu language. The publication house also deals with eBooks and have contributed almost 2200 e-books every year with seeing the demands of this digital era. Penguin house books have critical acclaimed titles such as ‘The God of Small Things’ written by Arundhati Roy and ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ written by Kiran Desai. 

The publishing house in India also have its own Penguin app, you can easily download their app and read the book there. The Publishing House follows an open submission policy and accept both fiction and non-fiction titles books. If you want to send fiction writing then you can send novels, novellas, short-stories, and poetries. If you are looking for non-fiction writing, then they accept works exploring current affairs, travel, business, cooking, religion, and self-help. You can also submit their narrative fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, quiz books, biographies, memoirs etc. To know more about their submission process, check this page.

4. Roli Books

Roli Books was established in 1978 and is a mid-sized publication firm in India that is founded by Mr. Pramod Kapoor. It is popularly known for crafted books and its beautiful presence on Indian art, photography, cuisines etc. Pramod Kapoor was awarded as France’s highest civilian award that is “Knight of the Legion of Honor’ in 2016 for his lifelong commitment to promoting Indian heritage through its books. If you are looking to create a book on Indian art, literature or on cuisines then Roli Books Indian publisher should be your first choice. The company follows an open submission policy, and you can easily reach out them with your book proposals featuring a a table of contents, synopsis, three sample chapters, and a short author bio. To know more about the submission guidelines, refer to this page.

5. Rupa Publications

Rupa Publications was established in 1936 and the founder is Mr. D. Mehra. After seeing this digital era publishing house known very well that e-books are the coming future of the era that why they have converted almost 95% of the Rupa catalogue into e-books. The strategy of doing it was to reach out a wider audience. The Publishing house in India is based in Delhi and has an eclectic mix of fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. Rupa Publications have titles in politics, history, business, and a host of memoirs. Some well-known authors of this publishing house are APJ Abdul Kalam, Ruskin Bond, Chetan Bhagat and Pranab Mukherjee. Rupa Publications accepts submissions both in fiction and non-fiction. If you want to publish your book with Rupa publication, then you can send a hard copy on their Delhi based Editorial office or else to known more details about the submission process, you can check out this page.

6. Hachette India

Hachette India was established in 2009 and is the Indian arm of Hachette UK. The company is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company publish on books on non-fiction, commercial fiction, general topic, literary, reference books as well as book based on covering memoirs, self-help, travel, sport, history, lifestyle business and popular culture. Some of popular Tiles of this publishing house are ‘Durbar’ written by Tavleen Singh, Turbulence’ written by Samit Basu, and ‘My Friend Sancho.’ written by Amit Varma. While Hachette India is open to submissions, but they only consider your book if it is represented by any literary agent. They only accept business and adult books and some selected titles book on general fiction, non-fiction, and translations of some selected books. To know more about the submission guidelines, refer to this page.

7. Aleph Book Company

 Aleph Book Company is a newbie in India and is best publishing house in India which was established in May 2011. The founder of the company is David Davidar with Kapish Mehra and R.K. Mehra of Rupa Publications India. The company is established in Delhi, but they only focus on quantity rather than quantity. There only publish 40 titles annually in areas like fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, travel, history, business, and popular culture. The author list at this publishing house is like Devdutt Patnaik, Shashi Tharoor, Valmik Thapar, Khushwant Singh and Vikram Seth. The publishing house in India doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions and there aren’t any exceptions to this policy. To know more about the submission policy, refer to this  page.

8. HarperCollins Publishers India

Yes, you have hear correct HarperCollins Publishers India. The publishing house list can’t be complete without mentioning HarperCollinsThe best Publishing house in India was established in 1992 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of HarperCollins Worldwide. The company deals with authors like Tarun Tejpal, Kiran Nagarkar and Arvind Adiga

Arvind Adiga has also awarded as Man Booker Prize in 2008 his book ‘The White Tiger.’ The company has made his name in publishing poetry, and they interested in publishing poetry. So, if you are looking for publishing your poetry then HarperCollins Publishers India can be your right choice. Apart from poems, they also publish a range of topics both on fiction and non-fiction. They are always looking for the writer to grow their list of writers for their Harper Hindi program. Harper Collins India is open to new submissions, and you can email your book proposals with a brief synopsis, first three chapters of your manuscript and bio with your name, contact number, and email id. To know more about the submission policy, refer to this page.

9. Pan Macmillan India

Pan Macmillan India was established in August 2010. It is a part of well-known publisher Macmillan Publishers which is a global trade publishing group. It is another newbie in the Indian publishing house in India and covers genres like non-fiction and fiction across various sub genres. One of its most famous books tile was ‘India after Gandhi’ written by Ramachandra Guha. Pan Macmillan India has, until recently, been publishing only under the Picador imprint but now company has added Pan and Macmillan, two new imprints to cover its local commercial fiction and non-fiction publishing. This Indian publisher is currently accepting manuscripts for their Picador India, Pan, and Macmillan imprints. The company has entirely dedicated towards literary fiction and non-fiction, the Pan imprint is tailored for general fiction and nonfiction, and their Macmillan imprint is designed for commercial fiction and nonfiction works. The company accepts unsolicited submissions, manuscripts represented by a literary agent receive greater priority. To know more you can check the entire submission policy on this page.

10. Scholastic India

Scholastic India was established in 1997 is a well-known publisher and distributor for children’s books. So, if you are looking to write on academic or children’s illustrated book, then Scholastic India should be your first choice. The famous book title from Scholastic India are‘The Hunger Games’ written by Suzanne Collins. The Publishing house in India is based in Gurgaon, Haryana and publishes books on, educational services, educational technology and children’s media. They print in almost 45 languages and have their reach in more than 150 countries. Paro Anand, Gulzar, and Anushka Ravishankar are some of the renowned authors of this Indian publisher. Scholastic India accepts unsolicited manuscripts on children’s fiction, young-adult fiction, biographies and non-fiction, activity, quiz, puzzle and self-help books also. To know more you can check the entire submission policy on this page.

11. 24by7Publishing

24by7Publishing is one of well-known and India’s famous self -publishing companies that allow you to control your content without any interference of any third party weather it is a publisher or someone else. They have broken the traditional way of sending your manuscript to a publisher. This Publishing house in India promoted Self-publishing, where the author of book chooses to publish his own book without the interference of a third party publisher. It simply means that you can create your own cover, book and can control your content without third party publisher interference. The company is based in Kolkata and allow you to choose how to package your book. If you are interest in uploading your manuscript and self-publishing, you book. You can visit here.

12. Pothi

Pothi is another self-publishing platform like 24by7Publishing. The company is based in India, and it is available for all writers. It allows you to write, publish and sell your books and e-books without any hassle of providing manuscript or to wait for any approval from the publishers. It is best for new writer and individual publisher or individual who want to publish their books. Pothi book publisher has already published 7000 books till today. If you want to publish your book through Pothi or want to check for author services, then click here.

13. Cinnamon Teal Publishing

Cinnamon Teal was established in 2007 and it is a self-publishing company. Even their charges of publishing your book and manuscript is also quite low as compared to other Indian publisher. But let me tell you this publishing house have strict rule and regulation as compared to other publishing house in India. It might be tough for you as the company didn’t compromise with the quality of content which other company might lack. Cinnamon Teal has been awarded with ‘Young Creative Entrepreneur Award’ in the field of self-publishing in 2010. To know more you can check the entire publishing process on this page.

14. Become Shakespeare

Become Shakespeare is a self-publishing brand that is based in Bombay, India. The company have published nearly 1050 books. They provide extensive packages that will suitable everyone needs and budget. The company also offer a host of services like publishing your books in retail stores, public relations and handling social media. Even they have a dedicated team that will help you in ensuring that the marketing and promotion of books is going well. To know more you can check the entire publishing process and publishing package on this  page.

15. Leadstart Publishing

Leadstart Publishing is a newbie and a progressive company that is based in Mumbai. The Indian publisher work will all niches weather it is in biography, health, fiction, religion, travel, health, children etc. With the digital era there are moving themselves in digital world so that they can reach out to online readers. The company also have its own literary agency that works for writers either looking to publish or resell or pitch content to other mediums. The most recent bestseller book of Leadstart is Asura by Anand Neelakanthan. The author Anand Neelakanthan is also writing the prequel to fantasy fiction super hit Baahubali. The publishing house is currently open for the submissions in non-fiction, biography, health, politics, spirituality, fitness, poetry and more. But company follows a traditional publishing method. To know more you can check the entire submission process and publishing package on this here.

16. Om Books International

Om Books International was established over five decades ago and company is based in Noida. It is known as one of the biggest publishers of trade books in India. The Indian publisher are worked with leading authors like Khalid Mohamed, Bi Feiyu, Kamala Das, Vinod Nair, and Prabhat Shunglu from many years. The company publishes book on fiction, non-fiction, art, architecture, culture, health, business, and wildlife. They have children’s imprint called Om Kidz where they published book for children only and the focus of Om Kidz is on mind-boggling books for early readers, middle graders, and young adults. The company is currently open to editorial submissions. To know more you can check the entire submission process and publishing package on this page.

17. Petals Publishers

Petals Publisher was established in 2013 and the founder of the company is Harpreet Makkar. It is a compound publisher that provides access to digital marketing, editing, distribution and to all writers. The company is based in Ludhiana and offer the option of self-publishing as well as traditional publishing process, whichever is need by the author. The company doesn’t have a big name not their authors have but they have a solid collection across genres like fantasy, romance and mystery. If you want to publish your book thought Petal publisher, you can choose according for yourself whether you want to follow self-publishing process or traditional publishing process. To know more you can check the entire publishing process on this  page .

18. Srishti Publishers

Srishti Publisher was established in 1997 and it is a delhi based company that work on the idea of giving a platform to first time writers. It is definately one of teh best company and publishing almost 350 titles every year which include translations of works in different languages like Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil and also Hindi. Srishti publishes book on generes like self-help, astrology, fantasy fiction, philosophy, culture and espionage thrillers. It is also called as the debut platform for new authors as many of the author has made its name after publishing their book from Srishti Publisher like Durjoy Datta, Preeti Shenoy and Sudeep Nagarkar. ‘Life is What You Make It’ by Preeti Shenoy was ranked No 1 in 2014 by Nielsen Book Scan.The Indian publisher is currently open to submissions in fiction and non-fiction. To know more you can check the entire submission process and policies, Click here.

19. APK Publishers

APK Publishers was established in 2008 and the founder of the company are Prashant and Anagha Karhade. The company have published 50 books till date and based in Pune. The company was started with the objective to give a first-time opportunity to the new writers to share there stories and writing with the readers. It is truly a English based publisher and help all first time writer in publishing there writing.  So, it is great if you are a first time writer and want to publisher your writing. The top selling book of this publisher are ‘Alice’ series by Megha Rao ‘Ripples’ an anthology of 48 short stories by 26 Indian women writers, and ‘Moonstone: The Incredible One Hour’ by Atul Gupta. The company is open for the submission of fiction and non-fiction writing. But you need to provide three sample chapters if you’ve written a novel, manuscript or a short story. To know more you can check the submission process click here.

20. Pustak Mahal

Pustak Mahal was established in 1974. The company is the pioneer for language learning and supplementary books publishing for children. The company has published nearly 1500 titles, amongst with 50 are on the bestseller’s lists. The publisher published book on general information, education, children, language, career guidance and self-management. It is one of India’s first Indian publisher to digitalize its publications. 

21. S. Chand Publishing

S. Chand Publishing was established in 1939 and the founder of the company is Shyam Lal Gupta. The company is Delhi based. The company has become the second largest education publisher in India.  The publisher has also joined their hands with the digital bandwagon for exam preparations, designing activities for children and a home tutoring service. If you like to write for competitive exam, higher education, and children’s books then S. Chand publisher is best for you. They publish books in almost every regional language. The Indian publisher follows an open submission policy. But first you need to send your manuscript and for that you need to fill out their book proposal form and send a short manuscript query. For more detail you can visit their website.

22. Pirates

Pirates is one of the famous innovative publishing houses, which has its interest in book as well as movies. The main focus on stories and called themselves “story surgeons”. They also publish the book in different Indian languages. Even they have experience in the titles based on a collaboration of two or more authors, which is quite uncommon to other publishers. The best part of this publisher is that you don’t need a full manuscript to become a part or a author of Pirate Publishing house in India, a short story of first five chapter is enough. To know more you can check the submission process click here.

23. Taxman Publications Limited

Taxman Publications Limited is established in 1960 and based in Delhi. The founder of this publication is Shri UK Bhargava, and it is entirely for taxation and corporate law. So if you are interest in publication of books that are related taxation and corporate law then Taxman Publication is the best for you. The company deal with many different divisions dealing with technology, research, publishing, sales, printing and marketing. Most of the title that are published by the Indian publisher are related to international taxation, taxes, bankruptcy, auditing and corporate laws. Even they published book related to corporate exam preparation. For more detail you can visit their website.

24. Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press was established around 6 centuries ago and is based in UK. It has published books for many best-selling authors and has won around 60 Nobel Prize. The publishing house has a wide presence not only in Indian subcontinent but also in 140 other countries around the world. This is best company if you are interest in publishing research paper, monograph, educational book, English language manual or breakthrough scientific discovery. Cambridge University Press has published over 1600 books and 380 monographs every year in 29 different subject and language. There main focus in India is to provide a great and affordable educational and academic material to all students. To know more you can check the submission process click here.

25. Wiley India

Wiley India was established in 1807, and company was set up with the aim that it will help readers to achieve their goals and career aspirations. The Indian publisher has achieved 45 Novel Prize for their published books. There main focus is to publish a wide array of books and digital products in the area of IT and business as well as affordable best-selling higher education textbooks. the publishing house has it’s Indian office is in Noida but it also have other reginal branches you can visit.  and since its inception, it has been publishing books around the areas of personal development, technical expertise, professional education, advertising, training services, and professional education in general. If you want to submit your writing to this publishing house or to know more you can check here.

Indian publisher

Here we come to end your list of best 25 publisher in India. Hoping this list will help you in choosing right publisher for your writing as we have cover all genres and publishers you might be needed.

But before moving ahead for publishing your book you must decide which Indian publisher is suitable for you a traditional publisher or self-publish. As every publishers has its pros and cons but you should take care of your need and interest.

Do comment us and let us know which publishers you like the most and if you have any suggestion? Please tell us in the comments box below if you know any other good publishing house in India.


Top 25 Best Publishing House in India one should known

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Top 25 Best Publishing House in India one should known


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