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It may be the last week of Sagittarius season, but there’s still plenty of adventures to go around! As a matter of fact, three lucky zodiac signs will have the best week of December 19 to 25, and it goes beyond the holiday festivities. Although, with the winter season approaching, it’s important to consider its spirituality and symbolism, as it is a time for rest, reflection, and maturity. What did you experience this past year, and what are you looking forward to exploring in 2023?

Feelings are bound to intensify at the start of the week, particular with the moon in Scorpio radiating a sultry and seductive vibe. La Luna will also form a harmonious sextile with pleasure-seeking Venus on December 19, highlighting our passion and loyalty to our traditions and value systems. This could, of course, go hand in hand with the holiday season, as it is typically flooded with nostalgia. On a more positive note, if things have felt stagnant and/or slow-moving as of late, you’re in for a treat. Also known as the Greater Benefic, Jupiter—the planet of luck, abundance and expansion—will re-enter warrior-like Aries, where it will remain until May 2023. For reference on how this dynamic transit might affect you, check where this cardinal fire sign lives in your birth chart, and think back to May through October 2022. This is when Jupiter first entered Aries, which means we’re more likely to revisit similar energies, and feel the surge of adrenaline that pushes us forward. 

Just in time for Capricorn season, this is your cue to set those long-term goals in motion. Shortly after, while dazzling through sophisticated Capricorn, charming and romantic Venus will dance with rebellious Uranus in an exhilarating trine on December 22. Your willingness to experiment with new structures and traditions can make this ingenious synergy productive, and innovative. And the new moon in Capricorn couldn’t arrive at a better time, as it will renew itself the following day, and present us with a clean slate to start again. 

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you’re going to sleigh this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Week

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Clarity brings validation. You’re gaining wisdom on the foundation of your intimate unions, as well as your relationship dynamics. The week kicks off with the moon in Scorpio, bringing emphasis to the emotional undercurrents of your one-on-one connections, but there’s more. Luna will be making a diligent sextile to your celestial ruler, Venus—via your expansive ninth house of religion, philosophy and POVs—making it a wonderful opportunity for a long overdue conversation with a loved one, or a mentor you trust.

This can be grounding and productive, but Jupiter’s ingress into Aries the following day could be the reason why you spontaneously take off on last-minute getaway. Holiday retreat, party of one? You’re worth it, and the winter brings you back to your element. On December 21, the sun will debut in Capricorn, energizing your expansive ninth house of self-discovery, which can be both ambitious and inspiring. And when considering Venus’ trine to Uranus in your sign, anything’s possible. Experimenting could surprisingly work in your favor.

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Something significant is coming to light, and it starts with you honoring your inner child. Upon the moon’s ingress into Scorpio and your communication sector, it will harmonize with Venus via your heart-centered fifth house of love, pleasure and self-expression on December 19. Whether it be a long-overdue exchange with someone you fancy, or a creative catharsis that catapults you into a brand-new chapter, a deep-seeded passion is being revealed. 

Jupiter will debut in Aries on December 20, bringing abundance, expansion and blessings to your eighth house of intimate unions, shared resources and soulmate connections, suggesting the possibility of this new beginning revolving around love. Others of you, however, may commit to a professional collaboration that features your talents, gifts and unique abilities. Are you ready for your close-up? The sun will join Venus and Mercury in Capricorn the following day, which will likely reconnect you with your inner child, or a muse of inspiration. Plant your seeds of intention during the new moon on December 23.

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Just days before you begin to bask in the glow of your solar season, a revelatory Scorpio moon will meet with harmony-seeking Venus in your sign, all while glimmering through your 11th house of community affairs, and visions of the future on December 19. You’re stepping into a brand-new era, and you’re finally confident enough to embrace and celebrate all of your beauty, and talent. If a particular clique or social network has you feeling some type of way, you’re taking your power back.

This may revolve around a family dynamic, but with Jupiter entering Aries the following day, the cosmos is encouraging you to lean on your loved ones for love, and support. Between now and May 2023, the Greater Benefic will bring expansion and fulfillment, so remember to count your blessings. Speaking of, your birthday season officially arrives on December 21, during the mystical winter solstice, where you will embark on a brand-new journey around the sun. Venus will also meet with Uranus in an invigorating trine, adorning your world with spontaneity and unconventionality, before the moon renews itself in your sign. Reach for the stars.

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