Despite a peculiar year to say the last, a new event debuted here in Ontario in 2020; The Japanese Classic Track day.

As the name implies it’s a show that catered to Japanese cars, late 90s and earlier. It took place at Shannonville, a track not to far from my house, so I ventured forth.

One of the first vehicle’s I spotted was a tidy, and rather orange, Datsun 510.

The car both looked and sounded pretty healthy, so when it came off after a session I poked my camera around to see what was up.

SR20 motors in Datsun 510s are not a new swap, but, they are mighty effective in the car, even in relatively stock form.

I appreciate the fact that the owner of this car took their time to make sure the swap looked fairly tidy under hood.

The custom name plate is also a nice touch. One of those little pieces that’s easy to overlook but nice to catch.

The car proved rather durable too shrugging off a late day four tire off with not even a hiccup.