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Do you know how there’s a theory that couples look alike? Well, there’s a new celebrity couple on our radar and while whether or not they look alike is up for debate (I kind of see it?), they certainly wasted no time in dressing alike. Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski’s outfits have only further confirmed suspicions that they may be dating. And by the looks of it, they’re already (literally) quite comfortable around each other. 

The duo was spotted together in photos obtained by the Daily Mail and went on a date according to tips sent into celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi which were posted on Instagram. The Daily Mail published photos of Davidson and Ratajkowski on November 17, 2022, which show the pair embracing in the lobby of Ratajkowski’s West Village apartment. You can check out the photos of the encounter here

In the photos, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski appear to have fully coordinated their looks. They are both seen in oversized grey sweatpants (the cut is even the same with an elastic ankle), sneakers and a black bomber-style jacket. Ratajkowski, who usually opts for fancier ensembles, layered her black puffer jacket over a classic ribbed white tank top and accessorized with large hoop earrings. Davidson, on the other hand, leaned into the current leather bomber jacket trend and layered his leather jacket over a hoodie. While the alleged couple was certainly matching, it’s also important to note that grey sweatpants, sneakers, and an oversized black jacket are essentially a winter uniform at this point in New York City. You can decide for yourself if the outfits were intentional or if you’d rather just blame it on the weather. 

STYLECASTER | Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski Outfits

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Pete Davidson’s casual date night look was right in line with his typical personal street style. Davidson often opts for some form of a sweatshirt, sneakers, a baseball cap, and a leather jacket. Recently, it seems like Davidson is experimenting with the sunglasses-indoors accessory choice—a look he pulled off at Peacock’s Meet Cute premiere, the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards and the 2022 Met Gala which he attended with his ex, Kim Kardashian. 

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian reportedly split up in August of 2022 after nine months of dating. Similarly to Davidson, Emily Ratajkowski also just underwent a very public breakup. The model and New York Times Best Selling Author filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard on September 8, 2022, amid rumors that he had been cheating. 

STYLECASTER | Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski Outfits

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Since her separation, Emily Ratajkowski has been very active in the public eye. She just released a new podcast titled High Low with Emily Ratakjowski, has been posting multiple times a week on TikTok and appeared this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

“I love writing essays, I love making TikToks and a podcast is right in the middle,” Ratajkowski explained during her Seth Meyers appearance. 

Ratajkowski did not comment on her new rumored relationship with Davidson so for now, we can just hope for more #twinning moments in the future, or at least lots of hoodies. 

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