“What you did was so classy. You represent what our whole franchise is about.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft acknowledges the fans. Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

As the Patriots collapsed in astonishing fashion against the Raiders on Sunday, a New England fan didn’t flinch as a Las Vegas fan ruthlessly berated him.

“I did what I knew to do, and did my best to ignore it,” the Patriots fan, Jerry Edmond, told podcaster Brian Babz. “At the end of the day, we were all there for one reason, which was to enjoy the game. That was my main goal, I was just cheering for the team that I came for.”

Edmond, who was attending his first NFL game, said he didn’t want to ruin his experience by retaliating, so he kept his cool.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, impressed by Edmond’s poise, reached out and invited him to Saturday’s home game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

A video from the Patriots shows Edmond, a Connecticut resident, and Kraft meeting before the matchup.

“I’ll tell ya, what you did was so classy, “Kraft said. “You represent what our whole franchise is about: building bridges.”

The Patriots gave him a custom gift, and Kraft invited him to his suite. The CBS broadcast showed Edmond and Kraft sitting side by side during the game.


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