For an entrepreneur starting an online business using the next clone app is easy and brings success in no time. This is a smart way in the arena of digitalization. Clone app is an application to start another platform like a previously known application. Earlier the online stores were considered an extra zone of selling products. But with time this has engulfed a large portion of the business as many people are having smartphones and they prefer online shopping rather than visiting offline stores. Trillions of revenues have been generated by e-commerce businesses.

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Why you should have an e-commerce business

Time and space

Running an e-commerce business is not challenging in the case of time and space. If you have a portable laptop and a smooth internet connection, then you can access your business from any part of the world and whenever you want. There are no working hours, you can take your convenient time out from your daily routine and spend on your business.

Growth in e-commerce

The habit of shopping online has been increasing with the busy life. That’s why it’s a good idea to expand your store online. According to statistics, it is estimated that e-commerce businesses will reach sales of over 6.5 trillion globally. So, it’s hugely profitable.

Less cost of investment

If you establish an offline store, firstly you have to search for a place, set the business, invest and buy the products wholesale. And as the additional expenses, you have to pay the electricity, maintenance and water costs. But in return limited people will recognise your store.

But if you start online e-commerce stores, you only have to pay for app or website building and its development. And in return people will recognise you on a large scale. This is a more profitable way to generate revenue at less cost.

Keep information of customers

You can keep track of the details of the customers by introducing web analytics in your e-commerce app or website. Where do the customers belong? What are they buying? What are their preferences, likes and dislikes? All information about customer behaviour is very important in the long run to improve the app or web design.

Why is your next clone e-commerce business important?

The next clone platform will start your business in a very short time as you have to just follow another well-known platform. Then you can invite many numerous vendors to trade on your platform. In a very short time, thousands of customers come and you get profit very quickly by simply using a ready-made application.

Next Clone –For Your Ecommerce Business

Features you should introduce to your e-commerce business

Effortless registration

Before entering into an application to use it, registration is the mandatory step a user must go through. If you are a first time user, then firstly you have to register after downloading the app or you can log in also if the account is previously created. For creating the next clone app, you have to make the process easier than the competitor apps. So, the entering process of personal credentials like name, email id, phone number, must be an effortless process to register or login.

Search Engine Optimization

Activating the SEO or Search Engine Optimization to your website or application, makes it listed at the top of the search options. Every time a user searches for a product, it’ll show your site or app as a result. It’ll help you gather more traffic in your next clone website or application.

Easy search option

The searching procedure should be easy as not only youths, but for older people and new users also will use your next clone app. So the interface should not be complicated and the search must show all desired options after starting entering the product name. Then all the best results with top products must come to get easier for the user to buy.


While searching, users should be provided with the filters and options to categorise the choices of the products he or she wants to buy. For example- product type, rating and price from high to low or low to high etc. This will help to compete with other rival apps if you filter the searching of products and make it easier for the users to stay in the app for a longer period.

Multiple payment options

For running e-commerce you need to provide multiple payment options to the customers. As they may be used in a particular online method of transaction. In that case, every payment method should be available for the customers to pay in their convenient method. Google pay, PhonePe, Paytm, PayPal, UPI or using cards customers can buy products any time they want.

Use of AI

 AI or Artificial Intelligence is such a powerful and important tool that can read customer’s behaviour and can provide according to that. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can customise the clone app to show the customer’s choices only, in the interface. This increases the engagement of the users with the application. They are more likely to buy more products from your store.

Discounts and codes

Discounts and coupon codes work very well in gathering new subscribers. Giving cash back for using referral codes is a great attraction for more users to come. Also, giving occasional discounts increases your e-commerce sales abruptly. Push discount notifications in the user’s phone to make them check the new offers and discounts. Here is the difference and advantage between shopping from a mall and purchasing online. E-commerce offers discounts which malls don’t and it is 24/7 available also.

Adding to cart

While randomly surfing or searching for a product which you want, often they want to buy more than one item. So there is a chance to lose the previous one while looking for some more. There should be the option, add to cart, to store the products you want to buy later on or altogether. Users also can share the products. So it needs a user-friendly interface of the app to be used smoothly and gather more users.

Sell niche apparel products

Start selling niche apparel products on your e-commerce store in the clone app. As the demand for clothes never goes down and people often prefer printing a slogan, trending dialogues or names on t-shirts, hoodies, pyjamas etc. Printing these on the clothes on-demand using printify is a good source of revenue which has already brought more than 1 trillion profit and is assumed to cross 2 trillion in the coming 4 years.

Do something other than the big e-commerce platforms do

Some big e-commerce platforms like- Amazon, Flipkart are ruling in the market currently. If your clone app tries to compete with them directly by providing every product like them, then you may lose the game. Because customers will trust more on the big names as their brand name is highly established from before. Rather you should select a niche where to focus more. Then provide the specialised and customised products which the big e-commerce platforms cannot do. This is how you can only drag users rather than competing.


This is the method of delivering products directly from manufacturers to the customer. The e-commerce traders don’t need to stock the products in between. But the customers purchase products by the e-commerce platform. This has few advantages, like – customers have a huge number of options to choose from and they can update trends and introduce their own choices. Also, it saves money on the intermediary costs of shipping.

Flow with the trend

If you go with the flow of trends, there is a high chance of increasing revenue well. People search for trending products everywhere, like clothes. You can study the current trending things by googling it which is an absolute free searching tool. This is how you save money to promote your e-commerce store or brand by merely getting your hand on the trend and not making any advertisements separately.

Produce More production of eco-friendly products

Nowadays the youths are more conscious regarding nature. That’s why they prefer using eco-friendly products. If you notice what are the daily things people use the most, then you’ll be able to recreate those and make an eco-friendly version of them. They will also sustain for long. According to a study, youths from the age of 18-35 prefer sustainability. So eco-friendly products are great options for your next clone e-commerce platform.

Rent and resell products

A new trend is going on in the e-commerce platform of giving things on rent and selling used products. For example, people get bored with a dress they have bought for a special occasion so they resell it using these applications. Later a new innovative trend came to give things on rent. A huge number of people are experiencing these trends and 40% of revenue was generated in 2019 in Spain after introducing this strategy in e-commerce applications.

Wrapping up

As per the current trend, it will be very fruitful if you start your own next clone app to run an e-commerce platform. Hire us and build a next clone e-commerce website.

Hermit Chawla

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.


Next Clone – A Well-Featured Solution To Get Your Ecommerce Business Off The Ground

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Next Clone – A Well-Featured Solution To Get Your Ecommerce Business Off The Ground


Starting an online business using the next clone app is easy and brings success in no time. Click here to read more about Next Clone.


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