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When Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume first came out in 2007, I was in college and it was a huge splurge for me at the time. But I wore it every day and it kicked off the type of scents I’d wear for years to come. 15 years later, and I’m seeing Gen Zers on TikTok talking about how much they love the scent. Everything — I mean everything — comes back around. But Daisy isn’t the only fragrance folks are excited about. Marc Jacobs Fragrances just released Daisy Ever So Fresh Eau de Parfum, a citrus-y version of the OG with gorgeous packaging.

Both Daisy and Daisy Ever So Fresh are fruity floral fragrances but the new one has key notes of mango, rose water and cashmere woods, as opposed to the strawberry, violet leaves and jasmine notes of Daisy. Fans of citrus scents like mango are going crazy for this scent, so much so that the 30mL size already sold out at Sephora. (We found it at Ulta Beauty, though.) When does that happen with fragrance?!

Marc Jacobs Daisy ever so fresh

Marc Jacobs Fragrances.

Over on TikTok, our girl Mikayla Nogueira posted about her love for the new scent. “I’ve never fallen in love with a perfume the way I fell in love with this,” she said. “When they announced this, I lost my shit. Not only do I collect every single Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and they’re my favorite, but they have a mango one now!” Nogueira loves mango scents so this was right up her alley.

Other creators, like @anjuunnaa, saw it launched and ran right out to buy it. “If you wear this perfume, you are the baddest bitch who has ever walked this planet,” she says, while spritzing it on herself.

I’m officially back on my Marc Jacobs Daisy kick with Ever So Fresh because it feels both nostalgic and new at the same time. With all the TikTok buzz, it’s going to be hard to find soon so grab it while you can.

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