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Man sprints across Mass. highway to stop woman’s runaway car



25-year-old Adolfo Molina sprinted across four lanes of traffic, attempting to stop a runaway car with an unconscious driver.

A 25-year-old man from Lawrence ran across three lanes of traffic on I-93 to attempt to save a woman who experienced a medical emergency while driving.

Adolfo Molina, a Dominican father of two, was driving back from the airport with his wife the morning of Jan. 23, when he noticed that a blue car lost control and was driving up against the guardrail. Molina left his car, sprinted across three lanes of traffic, and was eventually able to stop the vehicle.

In a now-viral video, Molina can be seen running alongside the car, trying to open the passenger door. The driver, a 57-year-old woman from New Hampshire, had lost consciousness due to an unknown medical emergency, state police told

Molina told NBC10 Boston that at one point another man came to help and the two tried to slow the car down with sticks. They tried to push the car into the guardrail to slow it down, but they still couldn’t stop the vehicle.

Eventually, while it was not captured on video, the car hit a divider and stopped.

Adolfo Molina’s wife, Maytee Pena, praised her husband for his bravery and The Dominican Consulate of Boston recognized Molina for his heroism.

Molina would like to meet the driver, who was transported to a nearby hospital, to know if she has recovered.


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