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Dream big, twins! Your Gemini horoscope for February 2023 says that now is the time for you to visualize, manifest and leave your mark on the world. Make no mistake—you have the power to do put a major dent in your work this month.

Mars—planet of action—is plowing through your first house of identity, demanding you take charge of your life. With this energy, you can assert yourself and really hit the pedal to the metal in order to move your plans forward. At the beginning of the month, Venus forms a tense aspect with Mars that will increase all of your desires. Instead of trying to take on more than you should and raging at everyone around you, channel this vitality and power, make moves, and get to work! 

Mercury—your ruling planet—rushes into your ninth house of philosophy and higher education on February 11th and brings your focus toward the big picture. You are ready to expand your mind, ask the tough questions, and gain a new perspective. Jupiter—planet of growth and expansion—joins Mercury on February 17, emphasizing this curiosity and sharpening your decision-making skills so that you can pave a way towards your goals. The optimism of Jupiter combined with the flexibility of Mercury supercharges your ability to visualize your future and put it into motion. Maybe it’s time to negotiate a better deal for yourself, go on that bucket-list trip you’ve been dreaming about, or take those classes you’re so interested in. By the end of the month, intellectual Mercury will smile on driven Mars, allowing you to manifest what your mind designs. Take this month to get clear on your goals and arrange your thoughts, because if you get your ducks in a row, nothing can stop you!

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New ideas and inspirations will likely come to you, thanks to lovely Venus aligning with dreamy Neptune on February 15. Your imagination is ready to be lit like a match. It’s time to get inspired because, whether or not you’re an artist, a burst of creativity is sure to come to you and, with Neptune still hanging out in your 10th house, you can channel these new ideas into your career. So, for this Valentine’s Day, you may want to take that special someone to a concert, a gallery, or a movie and allow yourself to drift into a dream. Engage your body and your mind and this month is sure to bring you some exciting new developments, Gemini!

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