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Facetime Weather on #MHTVNews


Sometimes, you just have to wing it.
Or go for it. Even if it’s a wacky idea.

Like, a couple weeks ago, when our local weather person was going to be out of school & we didn’t have a quick replacement – what to do? Another #MHTVNews crew member was at home with a broken wrist & we were facetiming her in the studio before the show when the 7th grader Payton who started the facetime call, had the wild idea to put Kasey (our injured wing friend) on the TV show on using the phone! Brilliant!

But would it work? Payton took a picture of the weather script & sent it to her — I was busily trying to share it with her via GSuite – Payton won. And we tested the volume through the whole school. The rest of the school wasn’t so happy about that! (the morning bell hadn’t rung yet, simmer down folks!) LOL

But here’s how it came out — I invite you to play the short video below.

It wasn’t perfect, we wish we had used the set up as pictured above, just putting the tripod down on the weather desk – but it was a hoot and the feedback from our audience (the kids in the classrooms) was that the other kids really perked up and took notice!

I’m getting older, going to retire in 3 or 4 years, I’m not crotchety quite yet, but I hope I never get too old to try a last minute wacky fun idea that a kid has with “all in” attitude and wild abandon.

More TV Studio cuteness from Instagram. Follow me & our kids and the awesome that goes on every day at our school on Instagram at @TheDaringLibrarian

Thanksgiving Headband Cuteness

And finally, another cool idea that Payton had, do an ASMR show.

You can also follow our fun using our hashtag #MHTVNews on Instagram and on Twitter!


Your turn! What wild & wacky ideas have you tried in your TV
Studio, School Library, or Classroom? Do you ever try things with kiddos
and say “this might now work, but let’s try it anyway?” Having that
kind of (dare I say Daring?) chutzpah or embracing the fail attitude in
front of the kiddos is a good thing! It’s OK to fail!
Cheers dears!

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