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Drawing for Your Future Self


Here’s a getting to know you idea to use with the kiddos. I’m going to try this next week. So, if it flops bad, I will be sure to let you know. Oh, and I’m NOT a great artist. So no salty comments. But I also think it’s important for the kids to see that to do this you do NOT have to be a gifted artist to be successful. It’s all about visualization.

Please open this up in GoogleDocs & go to File > Make a copy. Make it your own!


Hope this works out for you! I think activities like these can and should be done throughout the year and not just at the beginning of the school year! What do you think?

Here’s my kinda lame (but funny) example — wry grins & some eye rolls expected

Here’s also a Google Form that I got from somewhere…unlike on a Doc I can’t see who made it! Ack! So for full transparency, this someone shared with me and I made a copy. Was it you? Do you know how I can find out? I’m a Google Certified Teacher / Innovator and still I’m learning new things!

Please let me know. Make a copy for yourself & make it yourself. I also would suggest adding a “made by” line and your contact information.


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