Did you know about Secret Bitmoji’s? Well, I just stumbled over them this summer and WOW! Cool!

Are these new features or something we just missed? Since Bitmoji never talks to me — and I’ve Tweeted and Instagrammed them over and over for years and nothing……I guess this is a new feature?

The ability to make a Bitmoji with just about any word.  I found this in the weirdest way, I was searching for a picture of an orchid — because my Dad got my Mom & I orchid plants and I was asking how hers was faring. I found ALL these cartoons with the word Orchid — but no pictures. Like why???? 

What was funny, it wasn’t a cartoon of an orchid, it was just the word. I tried it again and got a different set of cartoons. 


Then I realized, wait….. it’s just the word. I know, I’m slow sometimes – don’t judge me. 

So of course I tried my name

See that little pencil on the top? That means it’s going to write out what you put in!  

 There are also other handy Bitmoji’s that you can find which make creating graphics for Education or school helpful. Type in Pose – and then you’ll get a whole bunch of pictures or cartoons in different poses. or Circle – to get cartoons with circles behind you. 

All very cool for signage, blog posts, newsletters, and to annoy kids in Google presentations! LOL 

Remember, to easily download or save your Bitmoji – get the Chrome browser extension

When I discovered this, you know I did a Google search and found this great blog post to find even MORE SECRET Bitmoji’s!!! 

Your Turn!  

Please share YOUR favorite Bitmoji’s? in the comments below, @GwynethJones on Twitter, or @TheDaringLibrarian on Instagram.

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Personal stuff. 

Hello there! If you’re a long time reader of this blog — let me say first — Thank you! But I hope you can understand that since Covid struck I’ve been just a little busy serving my community and kids virtually and getting ready for a school year unlike any other I’ve experienced. I’ve also been anxious, weirded out, exhausted, and not in the headspace to write a chatty blog. I’ve always said NEVER apologize for not blogging – just explaining. TBH Follow my Instagram for more posts. But not exactly daily, either! LOL