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After Bogaerts signed with San Diego, Boston’s chief baseball officer said he has some “private” regrets.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff
“We were hoping to have a more settled picture in the bullpen than we have,” said Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom.

It’s not just the fact that Xander Bogaerts is no longer with the Red Sox that makes the situation frustrating for many fans.

It’s how the situation was handled.

There were months to work on a deal before Bogaerts even hit free agency. Chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom repeatedly said the Red Sox wanted to sign Bogaerts before ultimately falling far short of the 11-year $280 million deal that San Diego offered.

As a result, Bogaerts, who was supposedly “option A” for the Red Sox this offseason posted a goodbye to fans on Instagram on Monday.

“There are a couple of regrets,” Bloom told ESPN’s Joon Lee.

Bloom declined to go into further detail about what the regrets are specifically, labeling them as “private.”

According to ESPN, the Red Sox offered Bogaerts a 1-year, $30 million contract extension on top of the $60 million left on his deal. The sides were so far apart in negotiations that Bogaerts opted out of the deal with three years left.

According to Lee’s sources, Bogaerts felt that the offer was low and viewed it as a “slap.”

Now the Red Sox will attempt to rebound from a last place finish without Bogaerts, who was a key piece of two World Series championship teams.

“It gets frustrating and irritating when you hear [questions] about your commitment to winning,” Red Sox president Kennedy said. “All of our decisions we make are geared towards trying to win a World Series championship. We don’t get those questions when we’re winning.”


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