13 Jun 2024

Category: Education


10 Easy Instagram Photo Book Challenge 

[ad_1] Lately, I’ve grown fascinated with the Instagram #BookChallenge and the #BookBento photo technique.  So, here’s my rendition, see above graphic or make a copy of my GoogleDoc. Feel free to take, use, share, & make it yours! (With attribution please) Confession: I’m kinda lazy,…


Keep Calm and Read On 

[ad_1] Hello there dear blog readers and my Twitter / Instagram family and friends. Here’s a kind of mirrored post that I put out on my Daring School Library blog for my kids, parents, and community. That post is pretty school and district specific but…


Musical Bookcases 

[ad_1] Here’s a fun and easy to set up, book selection activity that you can basically do at the drop of a hat…or beat! (see what I did there?)  I am always looking for ways to beef up our circulation numbers, aka, getting more books…


Beautiful Biltmore 

[ad_1] Well, hello! I’m so happy you’re here! I don’t usually post about travel or vacation stuff here without having it related to an Ed Tech or Library conference or educational stuff, but this travel experience to the Biltmore Estate was so magical, beautiful, significant,…


Swipe Right Weeding 

[ad_1] OK, here’s one way I weed. Go Tinder. Get a book cart and travel around (Fiction or NF) and look at the books. Be surface. Be superficial. Be judgey.    Be FAST.  I make quick decisions. I don’t agonize over it. I pull any…