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He shared some kind words for “small businesses whose Google results we’ve messed up” due to the film’s upcoming release.

Paras Griffin
Rian Johnson, Remy Ma attend Glass Onion Murder Mystery Experience Atlanta at Rooftop L.O.A on December 9 in Atlanta, Ga. PARAS GRIFFIN / GETTY IMAGES FOR NETFLIX

If you’re a small business named “Glass Onion,” Rian Johnson apparently has some amends to make.

The director of the critically acclaimed murder mystery “Knives Out,” and its upcoming sequel, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” which is set to hit Netflix on Dec. 23, is giving “some love” to restaurants around the country that share a name with his latest release — since the film apparently “messed up” their Google results “for the past few months.”

That included, he said in a series of tweets Monday, The Glass Onion, a family-run restaurant on Cape Cod.

The Falmouth eatery “has a delicious looking menu,” Johnson said in a tweet that included a link to the restaurant’s website.

“If you’re visiting Cape Cod stop by!,” he said.

The Glass Onion owner Josh Christian at his restaurant in Falmouth. – David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

Johnson has said in past interviews that he plucked the movie’s title from the name of a song on The Beatles’ “White Album.”

Several restaurateurs, it seems, had the same idea: Also on Johnson’s list of “Glass Onions” was a soul food restaurant in Charleston, S.C., which he said is a “lovely looking spot,” and an Italian restaurant in Waterville, N.C., which he noted has a “cozy facade.”

The Glass Onion in Falmouth. – David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

Josh Christian, who opened The Glass Onion on Cape Cod with his wife, Tally, in 2009, said he was thrilled to learn that the director gave his restaurant a shout out this week, days before the movie hit Netflix nationwide.

Christian, who said he’s a big fan of Johnson’s films, particularly his 2012 time travel flick “Looper,” said he was grateful for the acknowledgement and to be included on the list.

“It was so generous of him to do that,” he said.

Christian said the fact that his restaurant now shares its name with one of the year’s biggest releases has been a topic of conversation at The Glass Onion for months.

Coincidentally, he said, the parents of the film’s music editor, longtime Rian Johnson collaborator Joseph Bonn, are regular customers.

“They’ve been coming in for years,” he said. “They were the first ones, after the news broke on the name of the movie, who came in to tell us what it was called.”

And yes, he said, it’s become slightly more difficult to find his business on Google ever since Johnson and his team started promoting the film.

“If I Googled ‘Glass Onion’ anytime before a couple of months ago, we were almost always on top,” he said. “Lately, you definitely have to start typing in ‘Falmouth’ or ‘Cape Cod’ to see anything from us.”

Still, it hasn’t impacted foot traffic, and people who have looked for his restaurant online have not reported any trouble finding it.

This is also hardly the first time he’s had to share the “Glass Onion” name, which he said his family also sourced from The Beatles.

“Lots of restaurants had it before us, and I’m sure other businesses will have it after us,” he said.

So no hard feelings.

And if Johnson ever wants to drop in for a bite to eat, Christian said, “he’s more than welcome.”


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