He recently became the fourth member of the Bruins’ 1,000-point club.

Patrice Bergeron stands with his family during a pre-game ceremony to celebrate his 1,000th career point. Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Many Bruins fans feel as though every day is “Patrice Bergeron Day,” but Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022, is now officially the captain’s day in the eyes of the state.

In celebration of Bergeron’s 1,000th career point, Gov. Charlie Baker presented Bergeron with a proclamation declaring this his day.

Bergeron, in return, gifted Baker with a signed jersey. “Thank you for everything!” Bergeron wrote. “Congrats on your new role with the NCAA. Good Luck!”

The Bruins also gave Bergeron a $37,000 donation to Patrice’s Pals, a personalized cake, and many other gifts.

Fellow Bruins 1,000-point club member Phil Esposito said he believes Bergeron is a future Hall of Famer.

“If there’s a better all-around player in the league, I don’t know who it is,” Esposito said.

Bergeron recorded point 1,000 on Nov. 21 in a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He’s the fourth Bruins player to accomplish the feat, joining Ray Bourque, Johnny Bucyk, and Esposito.

He’s close to catching Esposito, who finished his career with 1,012 points.


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