One former Patriots executive thinks Jimmy G is done in San Fransisco.

Brock Purdy has one career playoff win, and people are already comparing him to Tom Brady.

The rookie obviously doesn’t have Brady’s resume. Brady has seven Super Bowl rings. He, an individual, has more championships than any franchise in NFL history.

Still, the 49ers have won nine of their last 10 games and all seven of Purdy’s starts. They look like one of a few serious Super Bowl contenders this year.

The success prompted former Patriots linebacker turned ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi to ask during ESPN’s Manning Cast Monday night if San Fransisco could be on a similar route to the 2001 Patriots.

“Hasn’t the whole late draft pick Brock Purdy, Tom Brady been done before? I mean, can it be happening again right now?” Bruschi said, as transcribed by MassLive. That’s what’s amazing to me, because I lived it with Tom and I was like, ‘Dude, who is this guy coming in for Drew Bledsoe?’ And all of a sudden it’s like you can carry a quarterback to a championship, let me say that.”

Bruschi isn’t the only former Patriot seeing the similarities between Purdy and early-stage Brady.

“Saw a team respond to a young QB just like this in 2001. This is Purdy’s team now,” tweeted Patriots color analyst Scott Zolak.

Purdy’s play, along with the 49ers selection of Trey Lance with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, has former Patriots executive Scott Pioli convinced that Jimmy Garoppolo’s time in San Francisco is finished.

“When you’re the 49ers, you’re sitting there looking at two starting level quarterbacks on rookie contracts,” Pioli said. “That is gold. When you have two quarterbacks on rookie contracts you have an unbelievably managable salary cap situation, but you also have two players that are going to compete to be the starting quarterback.”

Garoppolo, who has missed several weeks with a broken foot, could potentially return before the playoffs are over. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that Purdy is expected to remain San Francisco’s starter whether Garoppolo returns in time or not.

“If he returns, it is to back up Brock Purdy, not to be a starter again,” Glazer said. “This is Brock Purdy’s team moving forward.” 


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