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If everyone else has it, chances are you’ll want one, too. That’s just the name of the game when it comes to life-changing products in the TikTok spotlight; anything from old-school Revlon lipsticks that look good on literally anyone to camel-toe preventing thongs have found fame on the app and instantly sold out. These genius discoveries also extend into the cleaning category, because who doesn’t want to find hacks for cutting down on the mundane in your life, such as washing dishes?

Instant cup rinsers are gaining traction across the social platform for how well and fast they clean grime off a variety of glasses, and we found an affordable option that’s 40 percent off: the Brathird Glass Rinser
. The handy tool will not only take up a minimal amount of space on your countertop (we’re looking at you, city dwellers), but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Wash your glasses sans sponge by pressing the cup upside down into the tool’s surface. The soapy water releases through five spraying holes to speed wash the inside of the cup, revealing a crystal clear glass in seconds. It can be used in conjunction with baby bottles, travel cups, smoothie cups, water bottles, wine glasses and more.


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Amazon reviewers have raved about the handy tool, calling it a “time and water saver” and “easy to install and use.” Others have said it makes for a great gift for parents, and even has “changed the way they do dishes.”

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“Provides quick cleaning of all your beverage glasses after a hot weekend at the house around the pool or your baby up all night,” wrote one person. “This is a quick wash suitable for quickly cleaning wine, champagne, and all your drinking containers. Simple to use put the mouth of the cup downward and press the bottom of the cup lightly to automatically spray water for cleaning. Easy to install bottle washer for sink: it only took a few minutes to complete the installation easily.”

Brathird Cup Rinser


“Overall, if you make a lot of smoothies, drink coffee (or any beverage that stains glassware), or have to wash baby bottles or narrow-rimmed bottles, the glass rinser is a major time saver,” raved another. “Just think: no more soaking smoothie cups or finding surprise leftover residue and food in your drinks!”

Kick standing over your sick for long periods of time to the curb, especially if you don’t own a dish washer, by scooping the Brathird Glass Rinser
while it’s down to $30.


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