Professor Alison Young is stepping down as one of the editors of the UKCLA blog as of January 2023, having served in this role for over five years. Alison has made an immense contribution to the success of the blog during the constitutional upheavals of the Brexit process and beyond. She has been a brilliant editor, and a wonderful colleague and friend to work with – her dedication and unending hard work have kept this blog at the centre of UK constitutional debates. I am personally very grateful to her for all the help and support she has offered ever since I first joined her on the team – as, I’m sure, are the many blog authors whose work she has commented on and helped to develop over the last five years.

With Alison stepping down, we will be moving to a team of three blog editors, to allow for greater flexibility in how we manage the editorial workload.

I am delighted to announce that Dr Paul Scott of the University of Glasgow and Dr Se-shauna Wheatle of Durham University have agreed to join me as the new editors of this blog. Among the many other publications they have both written, Paul is the author of The National Security Constitution (Hart, 2018) and Se-shauna is the author of Principled Reasoning in Human Rights Adjudication (Hart, 2019). They are outstanding scholars who bring an impressive breadth of expertise to the editorial team, and I’m sure they will make a major contribution to the future success of the blog.

We aim to publish posts which analyse a wide range of constitutional topics, relating to issues across the whole of the United Kingdom. We continue to welcome posts from those working in the field of UK constitutional law in general, covering current events, cases, legislation, parliamentary activity and committee reports, as well as posts derived from broader ongoing research projects. We are also happy to consider posts relating to international constitutional events where they have an impact on or implications for the UK constitution. We especially welcome posts from those colleagues in groups who are otherwise underrepresented in the discipline, and we are always happy to discuss ideas for posts with Early Career Researchers (or indeed, anyone else).

To make submissions or to discuss posts, please now contact: Michael Gordon ([email protected]), Paul Scott ([email protected]) and (from March 2023 onwards) Se-shauna Wheatle ([email protected]).

Mike Gordon, Editor (University of Liverpool)


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