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Those with thin hair can attest that their hair care needs largely differ from others. From shampoos that help prevent further thinning or treatments that won’t weight down heavy, there are a few products that just won’t do the trick. And while the above products can help address your hair woes, there’s one item that gets largely over looked in our routine: a good hair brush. Many people have purchased their brush just for the sake of buying one, without actually doing any further research. When chosen carefully, you can see great benefits after brushing your locks. According to shoppers on Amazon, the Black Egg Hair Brush
works like a charm—and right now it’s only $13.

You might be asking, so what’s so great about this brush? To start, it has soft, natural boar bristles that works well with all hair types, but it does an especially good job on short, thin, fine and normal hair. For those with natural or long thick hair, it’s recommended that you brush by sectioning hair at scalp and working on smaller areas for best results.

BLACK EGG Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Courtesy of Amazon.

Overall, it’s the inclusion of natural wooden and boar bristles that make it a must-have item, with one major pro being it’s ability to easily remove tangles. Often times, going through your hair with a rough brush it to blame for extensive breakage and damaged hair. With this pick, the brush seals in split ends and gives elasticity to reduce breakage. Moreover, the boar bristle brush
distributes scalp sebaceous oils throughout the whole hair. Once you’re done, you’ll notice a shinier and smoother appearance. 

“It did not pull out my hair as conventional brushes,” one review read. They added, “It left my hair smooth and soft and shiny.”

Compared with normal hair brush, the boar bristles
stimulate the scalp, leaving your hair looking fresh and silky. Boar bristles also improve your hair’s appearance have a low amount of pressure on your hair follicles, which helps reduce hair loss.

Another shopper said of the product, “As a woman with very fine hair, that falls out when you even look at it, this is perfect. I’ve gone through several brushes and there is always a lot of hair in them after brushing. Not this one. It’s firm enough to effectively brush, yet soft enough to not cause further damage.”


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