“He stayed calm after seeing the worst loss ever.”

A Patriots fan kept his cool in the face of a hard loss — and some unprompted rage. 

In a now-viral video from Sunday’s Patriots-Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium, a woman berates a patient Pats fan as the game winds down. As the crowd of Raiders fans celebrate the team’s stunning last-second win, the woman continually gets in the man’s face, even after another fan attempts to hold her back.

According to the tweet, she singled out the Pats fan for cheering on his team in what she called “her” stadium. In spite of it all, the fan doesn’t engage with the woman.

Patriots podcaster Brian Babz posted a video of the altercation to Twitter, where it now has over 4.3 million views. Babz also interviewed the fan, Jerry Edmond, on Instagram Live.

Edmond told Babz that the interactions first started as “playful banter” with Raiders fans, until the woman and her husband accused him of “disrespect.”

“Honestly, I thought he was joking,” Edmond said, explaining that other Raiders fans were much more respectful.

“Some of the other fans were taking pictures with me because of how competitive the game was,” he said. “But this guy took it some other way.”

The couple’s vitriol escalated as the game went on, he said. The Raiders’ win only heightened their reaction as the woman walked over where Edmond was sitting and began to yell at him.

“I did what I knew to do, and did my best to ignore it,” Edmond said. “At the end of the day, we were all there for one reason, which was to enjoy the game. That was my main goal, I was just cheering for the team that I came for.”

Babz spoke of the video’s response online, with many fans applauding how Edmond handled the unprompted attack.

“Everyone in Patriots nation went through some sort of different emotion from that loss, but to see your video come out and to see somebody in your face, and for you to keep your composure, everyone really appreciates how you were able to keep yourself calm,” Babz said.

As Twitter users celebrated his composure, Edmond wrote that Sunday’s game — albeit a tough one for the Patriots — was his first NFL game.

“I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind words,” Edmond wrote. “I didn’t want to ruin my experience by retaliating towards that women so I kept my cool.”

Sunday’s game was hard enough for Patriots fans. On the final play of the 4th quarter with the score tied at 24, New England attempted to win the game with a series of laterals, rather than heading safely into overtime. One of those laterals was intercepted by ex-Pat Chandler Jones who took it to the end zone.


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