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If there’s anything millennials love more than avocado toast, it’s affordable housing. And since that’s severely lacking with no end in sight, many of us have taken to staring at stunning interiors with a sort of lust not seen since high school.

And in our hours of ogling, we’ve noticed something: Maximalism is back. After years of cutting down on clutter and loving sleek lines, we’re ditching minimalism in favor of its over-the-top antithesis. The most coveted homes on offer look like they belong to your quirky aunt with a million hobbies and penchant for dramatics. Think: Bold wallpaper. Leopards everywhere. No surface left uncluttered.

The good news about this home decor trend? Anyone can pull it off. You don’t need a small fortune to make your home look eccentric and opulent—you just need an unhinged willingness to get creative.

Some key tenets to consider as you cultivate a maximalist mindset:

  • Anything can be decor if you try hard enough. With maximalism, you don’t need to keep your items hidden away in cabinets. So put your prettiest must-haves on display. Even everyday staples, like dishes and skincare products, can double as decor when showcased the right way.
  • Mixing and matching is a must. Look up “power clashing,” and do your worst. Mix and match a bunch of items that shouldn’t go together. And wow your houseguests with your affinity for layered prints and aesthetics.
  • No detail is too small to be dressed up. Don’t just stock up on home decor. Look around your home, and customize every detail. Swap out your switch plates, replace your light fixtures, and add enough trim to transform your home.

And once you feel ready to craft the most eye-catching home in town, take cues from 2023’s favorite maximalist home decor trends. I’ve rounded up a few favorites that are budget-friendly enough—and renter-friendly enough—for any millennial to pull off.

1. Hang Two Shower Curtains

What’s better than one boldly patterned shower curtain? Two, obviously. And when it comes to print, the louder, the better. Hang one curtain on each end of your shower curtain rod to create some stunning shower drapes. Layer a small shower curtain over a larger one. Or pair your go-to shower curtain with a specialty option, like a striking shower valance. (Nothing says “chic” like using shower curtain terminology your houseguests have never heard before.)

2. Line Your Walls With Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

When designing a maximalist interior, bid adieu to bare walls. And line your walls with bold wallpaper, instead. Options abound in fun colors and pretty prints. And since peel-and-stick wallpaper is everywhere these days, you can pull off this trend—even if you’re renting. After hours of experimenting, I’ve become a particular fan of vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper, because it’s more forgiving than typical peel-and-stick. So stock up on the stuff, and treat yourself to a bold accent wall, a printed powder room, or a pop of patterned flair along the back of your bookshelf.

3. Put Crown Molding Everywhere

In the world of maximalism, everything can—and should—be lined with trim. And I don’t just mean the builder’s standard quarter-inch. Oh no, we want embellishment. Crown molding makes everything look Victorian and expensive. It can increase the resale value on houses. And it’s a great way to sweeten up your landlord so you can throw fat parties and not get noise complaints. So find some glue-on crown molding you love, and put it absolutely everywhere. No cornice, door, or window should be safe.

4. Add Decorative Panels to Your Walls

If you’ve ever lamented that your walls don’t have enough molding or millwork on them, you’re in luck. There are now peel-and-stick kits you can use to stick decorative panels all over your walls. (I was pretty shocked to see how easy this was to do.) You can go as ornate as you want to with your wall panels. And you can use the decorative molding to frame your favorite wallpaper—or to simply bring attention to the unique structure of your home.

5. Invest in a Faux Mantelpiece

You may not be able to add a fireplace to your home, but you can certainly add a faux mantelpiece. And the best part? You get to stick whatever you want inside. Put some faux logs in there, stack your favorite books inside, or take advantage of the opportunity to create a mini-accent wall. Since these mantelpieces are totally temporary, you can even switch yours out seasonally—decorating for the holidays in a truly over-the-top way.

6. Go All Out With Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls aren’t new, but maximalism has taken them to a whole new level. So dial up the drama on your in-house gallery wall. Snag a set of mismatched frames. Curate a stunning collection of art. And sprinkle in some items you’ve never seen on a gallery wall before. Ticket stubs, posters, rugs, and tapestries can all become part of your masterpiece. And anything that can be affixed to a wall is officially fair game.

7. Load Up on Cozy Textures

One surefire way to make your home feel luxurious? Layer a bunch of cozy textures. Blankets and pillows add warmth to any space. Curtains dress up walls and windows. Baskets are great for storing unused throws. And rugs—don’t even get me started about rugs. After moonlighting as a maximalist, I’ve discovered that quality rugs are usually worth the splurge, and you shouldn’t be afraid to shell out money to get them cleaned. A good rug can last a lifetime or longer, if maintained. And it’s an easy way to make your home feel maximalist—without adding anything else.

8. Add Pediments to Your Windows

Call me ignorant—or call me a SoCal native—but I didn’t know window pediments existed until late last week. Naturally, I’ve been hyper-focused on these bad boys ever since. The bits of trim sit on top of your doors and windows, dressing them up like decorative tiaras. And there are some truly luxe options out there. (If you’ve ever wanted to fill your home with violin-playing cherubs or truly haunting gargoyles, window pediments have you covered.) For those looking to get these on the cheap, you can score unfinished window pediments that you paint or stain yourself. And if you’re as unhinged as I am, you can even score window pediments covered with gold leaf, sparkles, or patterns. Live your loudest truth.

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